How Brands Can Leverage Glimmers in Event Marketing

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In today’s experience-driven marketing landscape, event marketing remains a powerhouse for brand engagement. But simply throwing an event, or creating an activation isn’t enough, or at the very least it is a missed opportunity. Events need to stand out as a whole and/or have small moments that capture audience’s attention. In other words – Glimmers!

The term ‘Glimmers‘ has been a trending buzz word on social media recently. It refers to tiny moments of joy, peace, or gratitude encountered in daily life. It could be anything that creates a positive fleeting moment, from feeling the warm sun on your skin, to receiving an act of kindness from a stranger. Tik-Tokers and influencers have been eager to show their glimmers, highlighting how anyone can have or find these similar moments for themselves.

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Defining Glimmers In Brand Experiences?

Glimmers are those unexpected, delightful details that elevate an event from ordinary to extraordinary. They can be sensory experiences, interactive elements, or moments of emotional connection that leave a positive impression with attendees. Simple examples could be receiving an item that an attendee wasn’t expecting, or how a brand ambassador makes you feel.

Harnessing The Power Of Glimmers In Event Marketing?

In a world of information overload, glimmers have the power to cut through the noise and elevate your brand experience, bringing unexpected positive moments that help elevate your brand message or purpose.  

  • Boost Engagement: Glimmers spark curiosity and encourage attendees to actively participate, maximizing the event’s impact.
  • Enhance Brand Image: By creating unique and positive experiences, glimmers position your brand as innovative, thoughtful, and in tune with your audience.
  • Drive Social Sharing: People love sharing remarkable experiences. Glimmers provide attendees with social media-worthy content, organically extending your event’s reach.
  • Being Authentic: Consumers are increasingly drawn to authentic and relatable brands. Highlighting everyday glimmers during an experiential activation can create a sense of authenticity that resonate with consumers.

Things To Consider When Incorporating Glimmers Into Your Brand Experiences:

  • Align with Your Brand Identity: Glimmers should be a natural extension of your brand personality. Don’t force gimmicks, focus on creating experiences that resonate with your audience.
  • Integrate Glimmers into your brand story: Weave glimmers into your brand narrative, showcasing how your product or service contributes to positive micro-moments in everyday life.
  • Focus on Emotion: Evoke feelings of joy, surprise, or inspiration to leave a lasting impression.
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Glimmers Of Truth

Essentially glimmers are not anything new. As experiential marketers we endeavor to create moments that foster emotion, on a small scale or large. Whether the term ‘Glimmers’ becomes more mainstream or simply lives life as a trend, the important take away is that even the smallest of details can have an impact with your audience. For brands operating with small budgets, this could be especially significant for creating great brand experiences. By strategically incorporating glimmers, brands can transform their event with little touches that leave a lasting impression.