CES – What We Saw in 2024

CES 2024 was a whirlwind of innovation and excitement, with brands from all over the world showcasing their latest and greatest tech. From immersive experiences to Ai in everything, it was a great year to experience this annual event.

CJ grant was there to engage with the best brand experiences, trends and tactics. Check out our recap and see what companies were doing to attract attendees attention and create lasting moments.


It was great to see CES back to it’s formidable self, bigger and more popular than ever, and with so many brands eyeing for attendee’s attention, the challenge was big. While the products or services were a main focus, brands utilized a number of strategies and tactics to help capture attendees attention in this wild environment.

Visual Appeal – Exhibitors both big and small created visual eye-candy to express their brand and entice attendees to engage. From SK’s wonderland theme park, to Hyundai’s minimal and enclosed structure, the visual appeal was strong, sparking initial interest with attendees visual sense.

The Story Is Strong – Great looking exhibits only go so far, so it was good to see brands focus on their brand narrative, crafting a story for attendees to discover. Walmart for example, sent guests on a start to finish journey of their entire supply chain distribution network, engaging attendees with an immersive environment that included an interactive timeline, AR experience and a 4D theater.

Sustainability – Some of the bigger players drew focus to their sustainability initiatives, reflecting their efforts within their booth. Samsung allocated their entrance way to educating attendees on their green-practices, using minimal and environment-friendly materials in the construction and booth display.

Sony and Panasonic also lived by example by utilizing sheer fabric to define the booth space, adding lighting it to create ambience. Panasonic went a step further by using minimal carpeting and construction materials throughout.


There were many wonderful exhibits and experiences at CES, too many to write about in this recap, but check out a few of our favorite crowd-pleasers.

HD Hyundai – Designed to look like a futuristic construction site, HD Hyundai captivated guests with their huge Ai-powered excavator that utilized moving screens to make it look like the tracks were in motion. Attendees could experience controlling construction equipment remotely in the HD Hyundai simulator, while a VR ride sent guests on a journey through HD Hyundai’s innovations. All this and more was powered by a simple passport system that guests would get stamped after they have interacted with each area. Upon completion guests went to the reward zone where a robotic arm vending machine randomly selected their reward.

SK – A much talked about exhibit, especially as it was a change from previous years immersive projection experience. In 2024 SK went all in with an amusement park themed experience, featuring magic carpet experience, a monorail ride, a dancing car performance and complete with it’s own mini Las Vegas Sphere! All this was designed to illustrator SK’s technologies that help reduce greenhouse gases.

BMW – BMW opted to activate out of the convention hall and bring their brand to life with a refreshing outside and chilled plaza experience. The set up featured the latest cars on display, each highlighting a particular feature for guest to engage with. Attendees were encourage to explore the whole environment by scanning hidden QR codes in return for a free gift. Barristas were on-hand to craft a number of beverages and with ample seating areas, attendees could take a few minutes reprieve from the hustle and bustle.


Being CES, there was a lot of tech on display and many brands utilized their products to create visual attractions. But we noticed some other popular tactics that brands used to help elevate their experiences.

Stamp Your Passport –  A number of brands rolled-out a passport-style engagement to encourage attendees to view all areas of their activation. HD Hyundai opted for a card that got stamped, while BMW used a digital treasure hunt where guests had to find the hidden QR-codes related to key products.

Crowd Control – An experience can be bust if attendees are unable to spend time engaging with products and activations. Hyundai, Samsung and Google were a few that kept crowd control in check with timed-entry or controlled entry points. This allowed attendees space and time to explore all areas comfortably and maximize engagement.

Old School Rules – Giveaways, samples and freebies were another popular enticement, provided you were willing to wait. Current, who were showcasing their new electric outdoor grill, cooked up tasty treats for hungry guests. STM Goods, had a line all around their booth as eager attendees waited to receive a branded skateboard. And HD Hyundai rewarded guest with toy construction vehicles.

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