Activating Small at SXSW

SXSW 2024 was informative, educational and fun, with more sessions and networking events than you can physically attended. For many attendees, it’s the brand activations that take place in and around downtown Austin that bring smiles to faces. From Porsche to Delta to Amazon, big immersive experiences were crafted to engage, promote and leaving a lasting impression. But not all brands have the big budgets and venue takeovers. for many having a small footprint and even smaller budget can be a challenge for brands to make an impression. However, a few key elements to keep in mind can help make a real difference when it comes to brand activations:

The Pop – Sight is often the first sense that audiences use to engage with your brand. Make sure you give attendees the right brand impression and make it count.

The Pull – Brand ambassadors play a huge part in brand activations. Having the right people, with the right attitude and experience adds to the overall engagement, making it easier to bring people into your brand space.

The Purpose – What is your goal? How are you measuring success? Make sure you deliver on your objectives and have attendees walk away remembering your brand.

Check out some of our favorite SXSW 2024 small scale activations.